Sugar Creek Covered Bridge
addressCovered Bridge Road southeast of Chatham
39° 38′ 25.1232″ N, 89° 39′ 55.8468″ W
phone 217-483-2451
This beautiful red bridge was built in 1880 and was designed to accommodate horse-drawn wagons full of hay. A quaint park adjacent to the bridge and creek is an ideal place for a picnic.
Thompson Mill Covered Bridge
address4 Miles East of Cowden
39°15’31” N, 88°49’05” W
phone217-774-2244 or 800-874-3529
This 157 foot bridge was built in 1868 to span the Kaskaskia River. Though traffic is no longer allowed on the bridge, visitors are still able to admire it in its natural setting.
cumberland greenup
Cumberland County Covered Bridge
addressWest of Greenup on the National Road
39°14’20" N, 88°11’13" W
Catch a breathtaking view of this beautiful covered bridge spanning the Embarras River — just as it did in pioneer days. Completed in 2000, this beautiful timber bridge replaced an early 20th century metal and concrete bridge.
mahomet mahomet
Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve
address109 S. Lake of the Woods Rd
web ccfpd.org
In the 60’s, this bridge was constructed to connect the two sides of Lake of
the Woods Forest Preserve.