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Ballard Nature Center
Located just minutes west of Effingham nestled into a wooded area just off of the National Road, U.S. 40.  Miles of wooded trails, dozens of species of birds, and the natural setting offers a true outdoor experience.  Dioramas and interactive exhibits offer entertainment and effortless education on the flora and fauna of this region. 

Dr. Charles M. Wright House
North Main and Jackson St. 
In 1889, designed to be self-sufficient, this was the first house in Altamont to have a gas lighting system, indoor plumbing and a central steam-heating system.  The house is one of only two structures in Effingham County listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 


Cross at the Crossroads
Exit 159 on Pike Effingham
Stands nineteen stories tall alongside one of America’s most traveled Interstate corridors.  Approximately 53,600 people view the 198-foot tall symbol of love and hope each day.  The open arms of the Cross, which expand 113 feet, are a welcoming signal to the approaching travelers.  The cross features a visitor center, media room and chapel.

Draves Museum
1707 W. Ave of Mid America
This one-of-a-kind museum houses a variety of hunting trophies, including World Class kills.  The museum is owned by Draves Archery and has several Boone and Crockett Record animals displayed. Draves Archery is the largest pro shop in Illinois. 

Effingham County Courthouse Museum
130 E Jefferson Ave
Features two rooms devoted to specific military experiences which changes seasonally. The museum also focuses on transportation and the railroads in Effingham County. The museum is open Tuesdays & Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

Firefly Grill
1810 Avenue of Mid America
Modern roadhouse restaurant located on the shores of Kristie Lake.  Menu changes daily using local ingredients whenever possible and fresh herbs and vegetables straight from their own garden.  Tours and cooking demonstrations are available upon request.

Frye Pottery
19746 N. 1060 Street
Seven miles NW of Effingham and three miles east of Shumway, located in a beautiful country setting.  Offering a shop you don’t want to miss, tours and classes. By appointment. 

My Garage Museum
Exit 162 on N Rt. 45
A one-of-a-kind museum that houses vintage Corvettes and thousands of pieces of Corvette history and memorabilia.  The museum is owned by MidAmerica Motorworks and is headed by Corvette enthusiast Mike Yager, owner of MidAmerica Motorworks. 

Effingham Performance Center
North side of Effingham, along Outerbelt West
A 1,564-seat theatre that hosts 30 performances a year. Local, regional and national acts are scheduled to perform, with categories including Country, Southern Gospel, Pop/Top 40, Contemporary Christian, Comedy, Jazz, Dance, Classical and Blue Grass. 

Lake Sara
Route 32-33 North
A 800-acre recreational lake nestled into a wooded shoreline.  Rent boats at the Marina or enjoy an outdoor concert.

Sculptures on the Avenue
Exit 159 in downtown Effingham
An annual outdoor art exhibit that brings an array of artwork to Downtown Effingham and features some of the Midwest’s bestknown and unknown sculptors.  It has grown into an exhibit featuring over 20 permanent pieces that are joined each year by selected pieces. 

TREC Recreational Trail
Offers area for bike riding, rollerblading, or walking. Recently added is the Ryan Wolters Memorial Bridge, along with additional walking trails.

Tuscan Hills Winery
2200 Historic Hills Drive
Home to numerous social events, weekly music performances, and a constant flow of guests anxiously waiting to taste some of the area’s finest wines with an old-world tuscan feel.


One Room School Museum
Beaumont Avenue & Wyatt Street
Built with lumber from several county one-room schools, this museum will give visitors a chance to experience good ol’ country education when there was one teacher and a stove to keep everyone warm.  Retired teachers, often in period attire, lead the tours.  Open by appointment.

Richard S. Bock Museum
315 E. College Ave.
The Almira College House, built in 1855, and the forerunner to Greenville College, is home to this collection honoring sculptor Richard W. Bock, a friend and associate of Frank Lloyd Wright.  The museum owns over 300 plaster and bronze sculptures created by Bock. 

DeMoulin Museum
110 W. Main St.
For decades DeMoulin Bros. has been one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of band uniforms.  But the factory got its start in 1892 as a maker of lodge regalia and initiation paraphernalia.  The museum features many of these initiation devices made for secret societies. 

Hoiles-Davis Museum
318 W. Winter
Operated by the Bond County Historical Society and named for its two leading benefactor families, this museum houses a variety of displays related to Greenville and Bond County. Displays rotate annually. 

American Farm Heritage Museum
1395 Museum Avenue
Vsitors to the ‘Lil Red Barn can see the beginnings of agriculture with an emphasis on farm and home life.  A replica of Hill’s Fort, an early 1800s fort that served as the first Bond County seat of government, is also open during special occasions. A 15” gauge passenger railroad circles the museum grounds during events. 9am – 3pm Saturday from May to October. 


St. Elmo Museum & Library
311 W. Cumberland Rd.
Discover the history of a Southern Illinois oil boom town of the 1930s. St. Elmo takes great pride in its contributions to our nation’s military service, and visitors should make a point to see the nearby Veterans Memorial.  Call for hours.


Monastery Museum
110 S. Garrott St.
The monastery, which was built in a period spanning 1858 to 1904, has over 30 rooms of exhibits on Franciscan history. Included in the museum is a one-room display of local Native American material from the Effingham County Historical Society. 


Interpretive Center
106 S. 5th St.
Opened in February 2009, the center is both a museum and research center for travelers eager to learn more about National Road history -particularly Illinois’ chapter of the story.  Visitors will interact with a wall-size responsive map, explore a room dedicated to Lincoln’s travels on the National Road, discover vintage photos and artifacts, and see an 1830s-era road timber recovered from the original construction.  The center’s large Conestoga wagon model makes an excellent photo backdrop. 

Fayette County Museum
301 W. Main St.
Built in 1867, this former Presbyterian Church is home to an array of artifacts that date from Vandalia’s time as the capital, as well as vintage kitchen and household items, antique farm tools, and war artifacts.  The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Madonna of the Trails
315 W. Gallatin

Madonna of the Trails Statue
On the southeast corner of the Vandalia Statehouse, is dedicated in 1928.  One of 12 such statues in the nation, it served as a link between the old National Road and the coast-to-coast highway that would later become U.S. Route 40.

Vandalia Statehouse Madonna of the Trails
315 W. Gallatin
Vandalia served as Illinois’ capital from 1820 to 1839.  The oldest surviving capitol building in Illinois, the statehouse was constructed in 1836 and served in that capacity until the capital relocated to Springfield.  Abraham Lincoln’s political career began at Vandalia while he was a member of the Illinois House of Representatives. 

Little Brick House
Vandalia, 621 St. Clair St.
built in the mid 19th century, this Italianate home is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The house contains period furniture and early Vandalia artifacts. Also of interest is the Berry- Hall Room, which pays tribute to James William Berry, the first Illinois artist of note, and to Judge James Hall, who established Vandalia as the first literary center west of Cincinnati.  Open by appointment.

Veterans Educational Museum
321 S. Seventh St.
Housed in the Crawford-Hale American Legion Post #95, the Veterans Educational Museum features artifacts from World War I through today’s military operations. Highlights include World War II combat clothing, a 75mm Pack Howitzer, and a rare copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”  

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